Volume 5 Number 2 Autumn 2010

Guest Editors: Lez Cooke and Robin Nelson
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Policy and Issues:

Who Knows Television? Online Access and the Gatekeepers of Knowledge by Julia Noordegraaf

Archives in Public Service by Karl Knapskog

Heirlooms in the Living Room: Retrieving Television’s Hidden Histories and the Problem of Changing Formats by Máire Messenger Davies

Swiped or Wiped? Kaleidoscope’s Part in the Recovery of Lost Television Programmes by Chris Perry and Simon Coward

TV Archives:

National Television Archives and their Role by Steve Bryant

Accessing TV History: Accessing BBC Archives by Jacquie Kavanagh and Adam Lee

Stories That Never End: Television Fiction in the BFI National Archive by Lisa Kerriga

The Work of the Archive in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Featured Collections at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research by Michele Hilmes

Images for the Future: Will They Make TV-Scholars Happy? by Sabine Lenk

Television as Utopia: Trends in Television Fiction over the Past 30 Years, through the INPUT Archive by Glòria Salvadó Corretger

Case Studies:

Modern Viewers, Feudal Television Archives: How to Study German Fernsehspiele of the 1960s from a National Perspective by Stewart Anderson

What Was Canada? Locating the Language of an Empty National Archive by Michele Byers and Jennifer VanderBurgh

The Trouble with Archie: Locating and Accessing Primary Sources for the Study of the 1970s US Sitcom, All in the Family by Kathleen Collins

Television as an Archive of Memories? Cultural Memory and its Limits on the Finnish Public Service Broadcaster’s Online Archive by Mari Pajala

Writing the History of Telenovelas under Brazilian Military Rule (1964-1985): Censorship Reports Instead of Audiovisual Archives? by Nahuel Ribke

‘It Ought To Be a Dream’: Archives and Establishing the History of BBC Light Entertainment Production, 1975-87 by Heather Sutherland

Book Reviews:

Helen Wood, Talking with Television: Women, Talk Shows, and Modern Self-Reflexivity, reviewed by Sherryl Wilson

Christine Becker It’s the Pictures that Got Small: Hollywood Film Stars on 1950s Television, reviewed by Su Holmes

Lez Cooke, Troy Kennedy Martin, and Sue Vice, Jack Rosenthal, reviewed by John R. Cook

David Sterritt, The Honeymooners, reviewed by Janet McCabe


Appendix: TV Listings


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