Media, Power & Revolution: Making the 21st Century

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Senate House, London
2,3,4 April 2012

Save the date for the landmark media conference hosted by the Goldsmith Leverhulme Media Research Centre.

From Twitter and Facebook revolutions to phone hacking and the power of the Murdoch empire, Wiki-leaks, and the Abu-Ghraib photographs -- a new intensity links power, revolution, and the media in the twenty-first century. The new media do make a difference, but what exactly is the nature of that difference? What are the crucial questions of technological form, usage, and control that shape the political and cultural agency of governments, corporations, political uprisings, and individuals?

Confirmed speakers to date include:

Evgeny Morozov 
Hugh Grant 
Anne Alexander 
Rod Benson 
Nick Couldry
James Curran 
Natalie Fenton 
Scott Lash 
Robert McChesney 
Rod Tiffen 
Des Freedman

To register your interest, and to be notified immediately once registration opens, email to be added to our mailing list.

Students and unwaged £25.00
Others: £50

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