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The Past is Myself: Peter Watkins’ Edvard Munch (1973) by John R. Cook

Independent Women: Creating TV Drama in the UK in the 1990s by Julia Hallam

The Monster Within: The Munsters, The Addams Family and the American Family in the 1960s by Laura Morowitz

From Barrytown to Ballymun: The Problematics of Space, Class and Gender in Roddy Doyle’s Family (1994) by Marcus Free

Helping the Hopeless: Angel as Critical Dystopia by Lorna Jowett

Dirty Lesbian Pictures: Art and Pornography in The L Word by Rebecca Beirne

Conference Review

TV Fiction Exchange:  Local/Regional/National/Global An International Conference, reviewed by Michele Hilmes

Book Review

Deborah Jermyn, Crime Watching: Investigating Real Crime TV, reviewed by Will Brooker


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