Acting Up: A Symposium on Gender and Television Comedy

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The registration and programme for this symposium are now available. The fee of £20 will increase to £40 on 1st December. 
Registration is available online.

Plenary Speaker: Frances Gray (former Reader in Drama, University of Sheffield) on ‘Britain’s Got Bedlam: Comedy and Reality TV’

Organisers: Rosemary White and James Leggott:;

Television comedy calls upon a wide range of cultural references and forms, including the constantly mutating genres of television itself (such as sitcom and reality tv), cinematic performances (Chaplin to Carrey) and longstanding theatrical traditions (such as clowning and commedia dell’arte). In the last forty years academic examination of the many facets of television and comedy has become an established field, yet to date there is little literature available that closely examines the performance of gendered identities in comedy television. The work of Kathleen Rowe and Frances Gray in the early 1990s remains key in debates about women and television comedy, but this day symposium seeks to extend the discussions established in their work, to examine the performance of a wide range of gender and sexual identities. This event examines how gender is performed, subverted, reiterated and transformed through television comedy. 


10-10.45am Plenary: 
Frances Gray (former Reader in Drama, University of Sheffield) ‘Britain’s Got Bedlam: Comedy and Reality TV’

10.45-12.30pm Session 1
Nicole Kypker (Liverpool John Moores) ‘One Right-On Sister: Gender Politics in Maude’
Melanie Kennedy (UEA) ‘The Tween Sitcom: Growing up Female with Miley Cyrus, Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel’
Adam Whybray (Exeter) ‘I’m Crushing Your Binaries! Drag in Monty Python and Kids in the Hall’
Ahmet Atay (College of Wooster, US) ‘Theorizing Queer Characters and Their Significance in Television Sitcoms’

1.30-3pm Session 2
Catherine Spooner (Lancaster) ‘‘I'm the Shoreditch Vampire': Goth masculinities and comic dandies in The Mighty Boosh’
Lisa Holden (Wolverhampton) ‘Humour, Horror and the Carnivalesque in Reality Television: Comic Value of the Female Body in How to Look Good Naked’
Liudmila Voronova and Ekaterina Kalinina (Södertörns högskola, Sweden) ‘To joke off-the-cuff is men’s job? A multilayered analysis of Russian infotainment TV programs Projectorparishilton and Devchata’

3.15-4.45 Session 3
Lauren Jade Thompson (Warwick) ‘Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit: Performing Masculinity in How I Met Your Mother’
Tom May (Newcastle College) ‘Malcontents and metropolitans: problematic masculinity in Shelley and How Do You Want Me?
Bruce Bennett (Lancaster) ‘Gary’s War on Terror: Television Comedy and Soldier’s Stories’

4.45-5pm Closing Thoughts


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